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Houses, Camps and Equipment 



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Display and Salesrooms 



Telephone — ASPinwall 9545 Telephone — Circle 7-1691 

Outdoor Exhibits and Factory 

Telephone — Dover 57 

Copyright 1938 by E. F. Hodgson Co., " Hodgson Houses '*, Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. 

1108 Commonwealth Ave,, Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 


In and Outdoor Exhibits 3 

Interesting Story of a Unique Business . . . 4-5 

Camp Cottages 6-25 

Camp Furnishings 26-30 

Hodgson Double Walled Houses ; . . - . 31-41 

Garages 42 

Churches and Schools 43 

Play Houses 44-45 

Children's Boat 46 

Tool and Utility Houses 46 

Garden Seats 47 

Garden House 47 


Fences and Arches . 48 

Trellises 49 

Cabanas . 50-51 

Bird Houses 52-55 

Pigeon, Poultry and Pet Stock Houses . . . 56-60 

Stables '. 61 

Greenhouses and Equipment 62-69 

Small Kennels 70-72 

Dog Beds 71 

Cedar Bedding 72 

Whelping Pen 72 

Unit Kennels 73-80 



X* 0S3 




House at Our Boston Salesrooms 

House at Our Dover, Mess., Exhibit 


House at Our New ^or/c Sa/ejroomy 

In our various exhibits, as mentioned here, we show exhibits and become acquainted with the Hodgson 

large and small cottages and camps — erected and products. However, if you cannot call on us, this cata- 

attractively furnished. log is well illustrated by actual photographs, so that 

We also have on display greenhouses, play houses, it is possible for you to make your selection from it 

kennels, bird houses, poultry and pigeon houses, and mail your order. Because of the distant points we 

garden equipment, etc. ship to, much of our business comes to us in this 

We hope you will be able to visit at least one of these way. 

TERMS: Prices in this catalog are net, and F.O.D. Dover, Mass. Full payment to be sent 
* with order; or a deposit of 25%, the balance to be paid after receipt of goods, if satisfactory 

references are given. Prices subject to change without notice, 


Offices and Indoor Exhibits: 

1108-1110 Commonwealth Avenue 730 Fifth Avenue at 57th Street 

Outdoor Exhibit, Dover, Massachusetts (Adjacent to Wellesley, Dedham, Needham, and Natick) 


1108 Commomvealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 



^)ver roRTY years ago a youngster with an ingen- 
ious mind conceived the idea of building small houses 
in a new way - completely in sections, that could be 
shipped anywhere, that could be erected by anyone in 

This Hodgson 
Camp ol 5 rooms 
was exhibited at 
the Sportsmen's 
Show, New York, 
in 1906 and pur- 
chased there by 
Mrs. Nelson 

Alter 28 years Mrs, Nelson, who erected this house at 
Moosehead Lake in 1907, wrote the letter on page 21 

a few hours' time without the use of nails — simply 

bolted together. 

Soon this ingenious young pioneer, Ernest b. 
Hodgson, built himself this small factory and equipped 
it with machinery. Thus was born the 
business that has grown in these forty 
years to such tremendous proportions. 
This same inventive man, E. F. 
Hodgson, is still its active head. 

Mr. Hodgson at first made small 
houses for all sorts of purposes, dog 
houses, poultry houses, tool houses; 
then one room camp houses, and soon 
came camps of several rooms. 

But it was in the glamorous day of 
1900, when that marvelous invention, 
the -horseless carriage", came into use that the busi- 
ness gained great momentum. 

At that time came the demand for "Auto Stables' , 
as they were called. The use of the automobile also 
brought an increased demand for the Hodgson camp 
and vacation houses. This demand for garages and 


1108 Coin mon wealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

camps came from all pares of the country, and indeed finish have been constantly made from year to year, 

from many foreign countries. There are Hodgson so that today our houses are unique in appearance and 

houses in South Africa; in Jerusalem; in Greece; in construction. 
Belgium; in Italy; in South America; in Nicaragua; in 

The picture shown in this article of a house pur- 
chased in bygone days has an historical interest and 
demonstrates the originality of Mr. Hodgson's idea. 

The illustrations of the houses being made today 
demonstrate the continued value of his achievement. 

Honolulu; in Newfoundland; Labrador, and many 
other foreign parts. 

We know that many of the houses first built by 
Mr. Hodgson are still in use. For instance, the one 

purchased in 1905 by Denman Thompson the famous ThTsTm^adoaTlrTfrom aau J'ptoto^aphsT and 
actor. Also the one purchased by the Grenfell As- ^ ^ d ^ rf ^ nce of our 

cnriition man v vears aeo, erected at Indian Head Har- T1 J£ n ^ c ^i^o.-™-,-^ „,- 

souauuu ; ; § , Houses. If you can call at one or our salesrooms or 

bor, Labrador, is still in use. outdoor exhibits it will be a pleasure to show you 

Mr. Hodgson has kept in step with modern prog- the houses themselves, 
ress. Improvements in construction, materials and E. F. Hodgson Co. 

A Hodgson Cottage Used by Prof. Carl W. Blegen and Prof. 
W.J. Semple in Excavating on the Plains of Ancient Troy, Turkey 

A Hodgson Residence at Managua, Nicaragua 


Prefabricated Camp Cottages 

Built Complete at the Factory— Saving Time and Money— Scientifically 
Constructed to Ship Anywhere— Used Universally— Delightful to Live in- 
Made of Materials to Last a Lifetime— Quickly Erected— Easily Enlarged 

Illustrated on pages 7 to 25 are the Hodgson 
Camp Cottages, a product of over 45 years of prefabri- 
cated house construction. 

The exterior of these houses is made of enduring red 
cedar, with the sides oiled, the roof and shutters 
stained Cabot's moss green. 

The interior has a tan colored waterproof and wind- 
proof fibre lining, with woodwork stained brown. 
The floors are of shellacked hard pine. The partitions 
are made of Celotex. 

The houses are built in completed sections at the 

factory — sides, roofs and floors. Windows are fitted 
in place and doors are hung. The sections are shipped 
so completely fabricated that the smallest houses can 
be erected, with the use of our special key bolts, in a 
few hours' time; the larger houses in a few days' time. 
These houses are used for cottages, vacation houses, 
both summer and winter; school camps, overnight 
camps, guest or overflow houses; for many uses in 
large camps where small buildings are needed; also 
for play houses, skating houses, rest houses, storage 
houses, garages, etc. 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Jiodgson Gamp Construction 


/cf\ \ 

A 10x10 foot house with ends. To 

this can be added more units with 

partitions, doors, windows, etc. 

Made in Units. Easily and 
quickly increased in size. 

With 46 years' experience in 
making unit built houses, we 
know that these Camp Houses 
are as practical as it is possible 
to make. 

The Frames are of strong Oregon pine and cedar. The Outside 

Covering is of enduring cedar, which will last a lifetime. 

The Exterior Woodwork is dipped in tanks of linseed oil before being made up into sections. Roof and shutters 

stained moss green. All Outside Nails are hot-dipped galvanized and the hardware is either brass or cadmium 

plated, thus preventing rust. 

Sections are bolted together with our special Wedge Key Bolts, an invention of ours dating back 35 years. 

We use thousands of these each year, sav- 

A valley roof section to turn the units a quarter turn 


Our Wedge Key 

Bolts that make 

the houses go up 

like magic 


1 -1 
1 — k 
1 — 1 
1 1 

AS x W ft. or 10 x 10 ft. additional 
unit to add to the first unit 

A 10 foot Partition 
with peak and door 


ing our customers much expense in the 
erection of our buildings. 

The Interior is lined with a heavy tan 
fibre, waterproof and wind proof, making 
a very dry camp. Woodwork is stained wal- 
nut brown. Floors are hard pine and shel- 
lacked. Exterior sides are oiled natural 
wood with roofs, doors and shutters 
stained moss green. 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


(See pages 7 and 9) 

All prices are subject to change 
without notice 

10 x 10 ft. Unit, without 

Gable Ends $110.00 

1 ft. Gable Ends. Each .... 30.00 

5x10 ft. Unit 55.00 

Valley Roof Section 70.00 

10 ft. Partition 20.00 

Partition Peak 10.00 

Ceilings 25(i sq. ft. 

Casement or Regular Win- 
dows, each 8.00 

Shutters to screw on (not 

hinged), per pair 2.00 

Screens for windows (galva- 
nized) 2.00 

Screens for windows (copper) 2.50 

Window Shades, dark green 

oil tint 1.35 

Window Cornice and Rod. . 2.00 

Panel Doors, hung and with 

good locks 10.00 

Screen Doors (galvanized), 

complete 5.00 

Screen Doors (copper), com- 
plete 6.00 


After 31 Years 

' ' Thirty-one years ago I purchased a 
three section portable house of your con- 
cent and set it up permanently on an 
acre of land which I owned on Paivson 
Park, Bran ford, Conn. Later I sold it. 

" Recently I drove to the Park and 
greatly to my surprise found the little 
building still in place and in use. 
Despite the passage of 31 winters and 
summers, the house looks well and sturdy 
and I thought that you might be inter- 
ested, as I am, to know that it has 
proved to be all that anyone could ask of 
it. ' ' 

F. Parker Lewis 
155 Towusend Avenue 
New Haven, Conn. 

Because of a production schedule in these 
Camp Houses it is necessary to make a $5 
charge for any changes in the sections shown. 

Treated cedar foundation posts cost 15 cts. 

lin. ft., a 10 x 10 ft. camp will require 30 

lineal feet, costs $4.50. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 


End Porches 

5x10 ft. Porch $50.00 

10 x 10 ft. Porch 90.00 

Side Porches 

4x10 ft. Porch $40.00 

Additional 4 x 5 ft. Units. . 20.00 

8x10 ft. Porch 75.00 

Additional 5 x 8 ft. Units. . 38.00 

8 x 1 ft. Clapboard Porch . . 90.00 

Additional 5 x 8 ft. Units. . 45.00 

Porch Screens, including Screen Door 

Copper Net. Galv. Net. 

Open Porch $2.50 lin. ft. $2.00 lin. ft. 

Clap. Porch 2.00 lin. ft. 1.50 lin. ft. 

White Paint, gallon $2.75 

Green Paint, gallon 2.75 

Brown Stain (Cabot's), gallon 1.25 

Green Stain (Cabot's), gallon 1.50 

Shellac for floors, gallon .... 1 .75 

Oil for sides, gallon 1 .25 

Interior Brown Stain, gallon. 1.50 

1108 Commonwealth Ave,, Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

1 1 



H fiBTiTrON-llilpt DOyB 0UT5IOL 


w«tDOTt'»?'jtcTnj«y>.<^TiR>'y ca^ 

8x10 ft. Clapboard side porch 

Unit Prices 
etc. on 
Page 8 

End Porch to go on end 

of house only. It is 5 x 10 

ft. or 10 x 10 ft. 

These sections are used in making up the side walls and partitions of all our camp houses 

Partitions are made up of a cedar frame and covered with Celotex. They 
are furnished with or without peaks or doors. 

The Panel Doors are of the best quality, with good mortised locks. 

The Casement Windows have automatic adjusters and secure locks. Regular double 
hung windows have locks. 

Floors, Roofs, Sides and Partitions are all made in sec- 
tions with doors and windows installed, and are quickly 
Key Bolted together. A 10 x 10 ft. Camp House can easily 
be erected in an hour. 

There is no Roofing Material to pit on after the building is up. 

The sections are shipped unpainted, but oiled. We can 

furnish paint, white or green, or Cabot's outside brown \ . D u t 

. . J/oe rorch to go on side or 

and green stains, which with treated cedar foundation end of house. It is 4 x 10 ft. with 

posts are listed on Page 8. SSj^SSK 

1W8 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass, 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Camp House J, P/an 1 - Price $253.00 



1108 Connnotiwealtb Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

The little Camp illustrated, consisting of 
one room and porch is the smallest we manu- 
facture. This can, of course, be had without 
the porch, if desired . 

Being constructed in sections, additional 
rooms or porches can easily be added at any 

The itemized list, at the right, shows just 
how these Camp Houses are figured. Porches, 
doors, windows, etc., may be added, or 
deducted from any of the plans shown in 
this booklet, adding to or reducing the 
prices as per costs shown on Page 8. 

Hodgson Camp Houses 

The smallest camp house generally consists of one room and a 
porch; although the 10 x 10 ft. room only can be purchased and other 
rooms or porches can be added later. The price list below will show 
how this house is ligured. 


1-10 x 10 ft. Unit $1 10.00 

2-10 ft. Gable Ends @ $30.00 60.00 

15 x 10 ft. Porch 50.00 

2-Casement Windows 8.00 16.00 

2-Pair Shutters 2.00 4.00 

1-Door 10.00 

2 Window Boxes 1.50 3.00 


Note: any of the above items may be eliminated; or you can add more if desired. 
This camp is shown in its natural color, which is cedar, oiled (not painted), on 
the sides. The roof is stained moss green. 






Ct X 

■ U 

10' * \y 

1 W-5 



Camp J, Plan 1 

Camp J, Plan 2 — $325.00 

Exceeded Our Expectations 

Camp J, Plan 3 — $365.00 

"The bouse has exceeded our expectations in every particular, and we feel 
more than justified in selecting one of your houses in preference to building a 
home "in the orthodox manner. The skepticism of most of our friends over the 

idea of a "collapsible" house has changed to wild enthusiasm over the fin- 
ished product. In conclusion may I say that we unreservedly recommend 
Hodgson Houses to anyone who contemplates the building of a home. 

Chester S. Chard, Cazenovia, New York 


J I OS Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Camp Cottage K 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Camp K, Plan 7 — $420.00 

Camp K, Plan 2 — $475.00 

Camp K, Plan 3 — $525.00 

Jiodgson. Gamp J< 

This camp is shown in three floor plans (12-3) with side porches and with windows and doors as 
shown in the plans. Rooms are easily added at any time. More or fewer doors or windows can be 
used, thus changing the price accordingly. 


1-10 x 10 ft. Unit $110.00 

2-5 x 10 ft. Additional Units (a $55.00 1 1 0.00 

2-Gable Ends 30.00 60.00 

1-Partition 20.00 

1-Partition Peak 10.00 

1-4 x 10 ft. Side Porch 40.00 

4-Casement Windows , g.00 32.00 

4-Pair Shutters 2.00 8.00 

3-Doors 10.00 30.00 

Note: If flower boxes are wanted, add Si. 50 per box. S420 00 
These houses have oiled sides with moss green roof and shutters. 

Up in Three Hours 

"The camp house arrived in good conditio)! and 
at the present moment is gracing a hill behind the 
house. We are very much pleased with it. 

"I was really amazed at the simplicity with 
which the house went together. Mrs. Grout and I 
put it up entirely in about three hours. ' ' 

H. Mel. Grout, Jr. 
Mountain Road, Irvington-on-Htidson, N. Y. 



This little house is 
well representative of 
the better typeofover- 
night|camps, or for the 
sportsman wanting the maximum amount of room and 
convenience in the smallest type of building. 

Price $348.00 

(Interior fittings extra) 

[108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Camp Cottage L 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Cottage L, Plan 1 


We have a very complete list of special furnish- 
ings as shown on pages 27 to 30. A camp house 
similar to Plan L 2 is shown at our New York office, furnished as shown in the plan. A dupli- 
cate of same is at our Dover Exhibit. 

6 to (i.OOH\ 



gltD R.OOIA. 
10' A 10' 

Wants to Add to the Camp 

' 'Have you a record of the type of bouse you sent us in 19101 
We would like to add another bathroom and perhaps a 
bedroom. We have enjoyed our house more than words 
could express, even using it all winter long for skating 
parties." Mrs. C. W. Wright 

2963 North Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Cottage L 

Plan 2 

Living Zoom. 
\0' x \p' 



& « \o- 

Cottage L, Plan 3 — $1,028,00 

Cottage L, Plan 4 — $575.00 


A Hodgson Camp Cottage Located in 
St. Michaels, Maryland 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Camp Cottage M, Plan 2 


1108 Commonwealth Ave,, Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Valley Roofs 

The Hodgson Camp Cottages 
shown on Pages 16 through 21 il- 
lustrate the use of one valley roof, 
so that one portion of the house 
runs at right angles to the other. 

By use of this valley roof many 
more rooms can be added, and yet 
the frontage will be no greater 

Cottage M, Plan 7— $898.00 

than that of the "straight line" houses shown on the preceding 

The bouse itself has not only been very 
satisfactory, but has given us much pleas- 
ure, and I see no reason why it should not 
give complete satisfaction for many years 
to come." 

Robert F. Thayer 
Providence, R. I. 

Cottage M 

Plan 2 
SI ,028.00 

Moosehead Lake 18 Years 

"I would like to say that the first 


Cottage M, Plan 3 — $1,269.00 

Hodgson Houses I bought {it must be 11 
or 18 years ago) are in just as good condi- 
tion as when they were first put up. They 
have been here on Farm Island during the 
severe Maine winters. 

"I teas pleased to see the letter my son- 
in-law (Mr. John McEntee Bowman) 
wrote, in your catalogue. ' ' 

(Mrs.) Myra D. Paterson 
Husted Lane, Greenwich, Conn. 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass, 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Camp Cottage N, Plan 2 


rj08 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

£LApt>wa Poecu 

Cottage N 

Plan 1 

6ed Roonf 

Cottage N, Plan 2, below, is 
one of a number of attractive 
Camps at our Dover, Massa- 
chusetts Exhibit. 

Cottage N, Plan 2— $1,324.00 

Comfortable Camp in 
Zero Weather . . . 

"Our small house at Assem- 
bly Point is as tight and good 
looking as when built. We lived 
in it last year from May 20th 
to Thanksgiving Day. Al- 
though it is not Arctic lined 
and we had only a tiny wood 
stove during the last six weeks, 
we were comfortable even when 
the temperature hovered 
around zero. 

"We have heard many 
pleasant comments from 
passersby during the six- 
summers it has stood by the 
lake, and are always amused 
to hear the comment of those 
who enter the camp for the 
first time, 'We didn't guess 
you had so much room.' " 
Elisabeth C. Mitchell, 

(Mrs. W. C.) 
Box 613, Vestal, N. Y. 

In the Florida Hurricane— 
Fall of 1926 .. . 

The house which I purchased from you and 
erected on my property at Palm Beach, Florida, 
is very satisfactory. As you no doubt knoiv, 
we had two very severe rain and wind storms at 
Palm Beach. The house has survived both storms 
with practically little damage. With the ex- 
ception of some water leaking in around the 
windows, the house is in excellent condition. 
This is by far more than I 
can say for nine-tenths of 
the houses built in Palm 

Anthony R. Kuser, 
Bernardsville, N. J. 

Cottage N 

Plan 3 


U08 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 730 Fifth Avenue, Net, York City 

Hodgson Camp Cottage O, Plan 7 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

At Moosehead Lake, Maine, for 28 Years 

"In the spring of 1906 I erected a Hodgson House 
on Moosehead Lake. In the winter of 1908 the home 
was carried by horses across the Lake on the ice, to the 
location where it now stands. 

"After all these 28 years, and being used each 
season, it is still one of thfmost attractive 
and well built camps on the Lake. There 
have been many additions, but the 
original house is as firm and solid as 
ever; wind, rain, and snow-proof, and 
delightful in summer. 

"The enclosed picture (See page 4~) 

Cottage O 

Plan 7 

is one taken in a recent snow storm, while we were as 
warm and comfortable as could be with ivood stoves 

"I notice that you have used my letter for many 

years in your catalogue and it gives me great pleasure 

to add these feiv words of praise to a building which 

has so hospitably given shelter and protection to 

many occupants. 

Cornelia L. Nelson 
i<j , IO '« (Mrs. Thomas Nelson) 

1228 Constant Ave., 
Peekskill, N. Y. 

t> E.D Q.O0KJ 

Cottage O 

Plan 2 
Si ,742.00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, Netv York City 

Hodgson Camp Cottage P. Plan 3 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Rostov, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

Camp P, Plan 1 — $1,503.00 

Camp P, Plan 2 — $1,128.00 

On pages 22 through 25 
are shown Hodgson Camp 
Cottages made up with the 
use of two of our valley 
roof units. 

These two-valley roof 
houses form an "H" and 
have always proved ex- 
tremely popular, clue to the 
fact that the Living Room 
is in the center, the Bed- 
rooms being located in one 
wing, while the Service 
quarters are on the opposite 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Camp P, Plan 3 — $1,715.00 

By use of the "H" design the houses are architecturally balanced 
and almost double the number of rooms can be laid out on a lot of small 

The Hodgson Camp Cottage, pictured on page 22, plan above, shows a 
special rail porch, rather than the stock Clapboarded porch 

Any special feature, such as this, can be worked into a plan but be- 
cause of extra hand-labor and holdups required in making these changes 
it is necessary to make a five dollar additional charge, for each special 
item, over and above the itemized prices on page 8. 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Camp Cottage Q, Plan 2 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


Practical to Enlarge 

Although the enlarged house is only mice the site of the old one, in 
convenience and attractiveness it has increased at least fourfold. The 
old and new parts are so similar that only by careful observation can 
they be distinguished and there is none of the patched appearance 
that might be expected when enlarging after eight years. We were 
pleased to note the improvements which you have made 
in construction since our earlier purchase. 

I wish to add 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 


Livina (loot* 
to' x zo' 

6ld Room 

i i ^ 

10' > 10' 



: □ a r n r\ 

Cottage Q, Plan 2 ~ $1,797.00 

DiiuuG (Loom 
10' x iy' 

Cottage O, Plan 1 —$1,887.00 

also a word of 
commendation for 
the man whom 
you sent to direct 

the construction. He worked skillfully and tirelessly and the final ap- 
pearance of the addition convinced us that the plan of having one of 
your men oversee the work was a very wise one. 

We are delighted with the house and absolutely certain that this is 
the very best method of building for those who must make a small be- 
ginning and who wish to expand as the years go by. 

Anna R. Whiting, (Mrs. P. W.) 
4433 Pine St., Philadelphia, Perm. 

1 108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass, 


750 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

Camp Cottage Interiors 

Fireplaces are built alter the camp is erected 

The interiors of cur 
Camp Houses are lined 
with a special water- 
proof and windproof 
tan colored fibre lining, 
which is not only 
pleasing in appearance, 
but makes them prac- 
tical to use for week- 
ends and holidays 
through the late fall 
and early winter, with 

t On Sugden Lake 

"I ivish to say it is the most beauti- 
fully finished and the most complete 
camp in every tvay that I have seen. 
It is very satisfactory in every par- 

Florence A. Eames 
Worcester, Mass. 

a fireplace or one of our fireplace 
stoves. The wood framework is 
exposed, and stained a dark wal- 
nut. The partitions are of Celo- 
tex, with stained wood trim. The 
whole effect is pleasing, livable, 
and affords a natural background 
for almost any type of furniture. w 

Being constructed almost entirely of Cedar, the air is always "sweet," 
regardless of how long the Camp has been closed. There is never that 
"musty" odor, so often found in the conventional type of Camp 

26 ': 

A complete kitchen in a 5 x JO ft. 
camp unit 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E . F . HO DG SON CO 

Camp Furnishings 

Compact neatly made and very practical furnishings for our camp 
houses. We have others that can be seen at our exhibits. These furnish 
ings are built for these houses, to take up little room without sacrifice 
of comfort, and to add to the attractiveness of the rooms. 

Camp House Furnishings 

Double Berths with 
springs, $33.00, size 
32 x 75 inches. Berth 
ladder, $3.00. Draw- 
ers under berths, 

Good quality felt 
mattresses for 
berths or beds, 
$9 each. Inner 
spring mattresses, 
$16.50 each. 

Twin Beds with 
springs, $16.50 
each; size, 32x75 
inches. Window 
Cornice and rod, 


730 Fifth Avenr/e, New York City 

Bureau, 19 x 34 inches, $ 14.00. 
Plate Glass Mirror, 18 x 24 
inches, $5.50. 

Hanging cor- 
ner shelf is 
very conven- 
ient and out of 
the way — 18 
inches wide 
and 36 inches 
high. $4.50 

Twin Beds and Window Cornice 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

9JH^ ■ : 

■ j9 

V\ [ \ 

fl ! j 

j.JJKv'- 1 -"' 

Drop Wall Table 


"•' -\ 1: ■ ' ' 

This drop wall table is 16 x 36 inches. Large 
folding brackets are furnished, allowing the 
table to drop flat against the wall. It is fin- 
ished in shellac and varnished. Price $4.00. 

Sawbuck Table and Stools 

+M Sawbuck Table, 30 x 48 inches, 


Round or Square Peg Leg Stools, 

§3.75 each. 

Peg Leg Bench, 12 x 44 inches, $6.75. 

A handy rack for towels and kitchen 
supplies. 20 inches long. $2.00. »> 

Dish or 


Dish Closet 
(Shelves re- 
movable for 
clothes). Size 
3 3 inches 
wide, 12 deep 
and 72 high. 
$16.50. »> 

-f « Corner 
China Closet 
32 inches wide 
and 78 high. 

* . > - 


1 f^fl 




1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fijtb Avenue, New York City 

"i Sink with drawer case 
and drain, 5 ft. long, 18 inches 
wide; Towel Rack with shelf; 
Shelving, 8 inches wide, 20£ 
per lineal foot; Brackets 15ji 
each. Sink and Cabinet as 
shown. $22.00 (see page 26). 

All plumbing finings are 
chromium plated. 

Set No. 500. 
Price: Closet, 
$28.00; Lavato- 
ry, $18.00; Tub, 
5 ft. $40.00; Set 
with fittings. 

Sink and Set Tub — Overall size 
24 inches by 51 inches 

Porcelain sink and tub with drain board, 
complete as shown without garbage receiver and 
dish spray. Price $68.00. 

A smaller size (42 inch) same style with drain 
board, but not the spray or garbage receiver 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


750 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Picture showing our metal chimney 
which Is made of galvanized iron. 
Price §14,00. 

^ ml A Fireplace Stove that is practical, 
low in price and a joy in any camp. 

Fireplace Stove §15.00. Inside Pipe $2.00. 

Blue Flame Oil Stove — 1 Burner $3.95 — 2 
Burner $5.70 — 3 Burner $7.55 — Glass Door 
Oven $2.55. 


Union Range — Burns Coal or Wood 
For Play Houses and Camps 

This little range is a perfect model of a 
full size range and as practical for use. It is 
20 x 32 inches and 26 inches high. It has a 
good size oven and is a good baker. Price 

Can use a chimney as listed at left. 
■t ■ 

— - 

1 108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fijtb Avenue, New York City 

A rambling Hodgson House in the suburbs of Chicago 

Jiodgson Mouses 

Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. 

JTor over forty-five years Hodeson Hniupt ho™ ujj • ... 

and harmonious lines appeal to people of good lit mTt£TlT "^ P T °{ f the Wodd ' Their inviting simplicity 
enjoyment to people in all sorts o circumstances and climw 7 *«««»« a »^ well-planned interiors, they W/S 
Made of enduring red cedar, in compS^S^J^&^^r 11 ?^^^- The construction is imp" 
work and painting completed at the factory; and even he ha d Sine P^ce doors hung - m fact, all carj*ntry 

that the houses are quickly erected by local labor: or by our SoWn °?i ""I ? anded , and she ' ] ^ed before shipping- so 
much time, expense and the confusion and many worrSsconn^ 

The interiors of these houses are of Celnr^v *h* ™«L t ^ • with building operations, 
unfinished by us so that P*^£?^££^J^& * *« ^ ■*? ° r the *«*** can be left 
dead air space between the inner and outer waTcSotex one nf rf.Tk C ° nStru , CtIon ls °/ the double wall type, with a 
ceilings, partit ons and under the floors, thus givtg a cowhouse in summer SSt*™ ^ fe USed ° n the s ' de walls 
than a well built plastered house. & S S£ In summer ^d more comfortable in the coldest weather 

1/ inched in one of t hes, larger send for o„ r large catalog showing ma„ y pictures of our „_ ^ 


/ 108 Commonwealth A ve., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson House No. 3801 , located at Manchester Center, Vt. 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 


No. 3801 —Plan A 

Price, Double Walls $1,442.00 

Wide Colonial Siding, add. . . . 70.00 

A Small But Complete Kitchen, 6 x 12 ft. 

This little house, located in the 
Green Mountains of Vermont, 
represents one of our small Cape 
Cod designs. 

Practically planned, arctic lined 
for year around use, and of har- 
monious, low lines, it offers 
quaintness and charm. 

The three plans indicate 
what can be done in small 
house planning, how well 
laid out these houses can be, 
and yet keep the Cape Cod 
design on the exterior. 

Hunting and Fishing 

"The ten by fifteen camp which I 
purchased from you last fall with- 
stood the winter nicely, and functions 
as a perfect little hunting and fishing 
cabin in the North Jersey woods. ' ' 
Irma D. Freneau 
11 Edgewood Road, Summit, N. J. 


* &lv Hoot*. <= I 


6' ft If 

No. 3801 — Plan B 

Price, Double Walls $2,373.00 

Wide Colonial Siding, add 118.00 

No. 3801 —Plan C 

Price, Double Walls $2,718.00 

Wide Colonial Siding, add. . 136.00 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson House No. 3802, located at Dover, Mass. 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO 

73 ° Fifth Av enue, New York City 

For those requiring a house of more and larger 
rooms than those shown on the preceding page fe 
wanting the quaint, Cape Cod architecture ' we 
offer this plan. Our Unit system is so flexible thai 
it is possible to plan a house of almost any number 
and size rooms. The house illustrated } may be 
created in an even larger size, or we can plan it 
with fewer or smaller rooms, as required. 

This Hodgson House No. 3802 is priced as follows- 

DoubleWalls $6,255.00 ' 

Wide Colonial Siding, add 3 14.00 

'•The bouse is lovely ~ most satisfactory in every way. We are 
thoroughly enjoying it and everyone who sees it admires it. ' ' 

Helen P. Foueke (Mrs. W. L. Foultej 


The attractive modern kitchen in this house — illustrates one of 
our built-in cabinet units 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson House No. 3803, located on Long Island 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO 

One of the most popular types of houses pre- 
fabricated by us during these many years, is that 
of our "H" shape, illustrated, on opposite page 
and as per plan below. Constructed with the living 
room in the center, bed rooms in one wing, the 
other a service wing, it offers at least two outside 
exposures to each room — making a cool, breezy 
house during the summer, yet fully insulated for 
winter use, if desired. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

House No. 3803 

Price, Double Walls $3538.00 

Wide Colonial Siding $ 1 60 00 

Hodgson Bed Room with White Painted 
Woodwork and Papered Walls 

"First with regard to the bungalow which was put through its first real battism of fir* 
whml went up grouse shooting last week. The litth house is on tip of til Ho H IfZ 

JndZiZ , '" ay ^ ' hat '" WUI #" >m " al **— '- rL lm Jyourhn 2 

and nmtmm twthout reservation to any one. We have had the greatest pleasure and s*h 
faction out of it last summer and this fall. " P "' 

John \V. R. Hilliard 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson House No. 3804, in Maryland 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

Here is another plan in our "H" design. This house, made up of the wider, [~~ 
eighteen foot units, illustrates the large, comfortable rooms that can be 
planned with these larger units. Spacious, attractive and well insulated, 
they tend to make a house cool and inviting in the summer, warm and 
cheerful during the winter months. 

House No. 3804 

With Double Walls $5623.00 

For Wide Siding add 273.00 


One Corner of an Wx 30 ft. Living Room 
in a Hodgson House 

Twenty-five Years at 

North Haven, Maine 

"Looking at your catalogue again, it occurs 
to me that you may be interested to know that the 
10 room Hodgson house which I bought of you 
twenty-five years ago, erected first at Ait. Kisco, 
New York, and then at North Haven, Maim, 
still stands apparently in as good condition as 
it was when I was a boy — or near it.' The 
cottage is snug and comfortable." 

Ellery Sedgwick 
Editor of the Atlantic Monthly 

1 108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson House No. 3805, located at Webster, New York 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

This house, of different design than those shown 
on the preceding pages, illustrates one of the many- 
effects and designs made possible through our Unit 
system. Low and rambling, it is the ideal type of 
summer residence. Well insulated, rooms of good 
size, plenty of closet space, all tend to make it a 
home of comfort and pleasant living. 

Double Walls ■ — Arctic Lined $5,599.00 

Wide Colonial Siding, add $28 1.00 


" I have found the Hodgson Cottage 100% satis- 

E. J. Steichen, 80 IV. 40th St., New York 


"The house has been very satisfactory and we are 
very comfortable in it. ' ' 

D. M. Grandy (Mrs. G. C. K. G^andy') 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Prefabricated Garages 

Illustrated above is our Camp Garage 

This Garage is made up of our Camp House Units. 
The outside is oiled, with a green stained roof, and 
interior is finished in the fibre lining and dark stained 

These Garages are made up in a stock size of 10 x 20 
feet, and include one window and a pair of shutters 
in the center of each side. Price does not include 
wooden floor, $252. 

Our larger Hodgson Garages, one of which is illus- 
trated below, can be made up for any number of motor 
cars; and chauffeurs' quarters, work rooms, etc., can 
be incorporated in them. 

These Garages are painted three coats outside, and 
can be insulated for year-round use inside. 

If interested in this larger type of Garage, we will 
be glad to furnish Plans and Estimates on whatever 
you have in mind. 

3-Car Garage with Chauffeur's Quarters 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Illustrated on this 
page are a few of the 
many prefabricated 
Churches and Schools 
constructed by us. 

The Church in the 
upper left-hand cor- 
ner contains 600 
seats, and the in- 
terior view below is 
that of a small Chapel 
located at a Con- 
necticut Private 

The School inte- 
rior is that of a 
Private School in 
Fitchburg,Mass. 5 
and the group of 
School Houses at the 
right, bottom, be- 
longs to a Private 
School in Massa- 
chusetts. Plans and 
Estimates on these or 
any other type of 
public building will 
be cheerfully sent 
upon application. 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Alass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Play Houses 

Illustrated on this and the following page are three The Play House shown on the left is made the same 
different styles of Play Houses. as our cottages — • of cedar, interior lined and stained, 

exterior well painted, and the hard pine floor 
shellacked. It can be used throughout the year. 
It has 3 diamond-casement windows, and a 
French glass door. Price $265 

No. 3755. Hodgson Play House fix 12 ft. Price $265.00. 
Includes Two Porch Seats. Porch 4 x 8 it. Room 8 x 8 it. 


"The -play house which you sold jm has proven 
perfectly satisfactory." Alfred I. DuPont 


"The play house is proving satisfactory in every 
way." Beatrice Todd, Secretary 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass, E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Illustrated below is a little Play House with a 6 x 6 foot room 
and a 4 x 6 foot porch. The outside is attractively painted and the 
inside stained, with the hard pine floor shellacked. Roof and sides 
are made of durable cedar. It contains three sliding windows and 
a door with lock. 

This is priced at $135. 

This model can be had without porch, to be used as a Play House, 
or small storage house for garden tools, baby carriages pump 
house, etc. ' 

Pnce $90.00 

Pby House No. 38. Price $75.00 


The little Capd Cod House shown above, designed for children 
up to ten years of age, is about seven feet long, six feet wide, six 
feet to the peak. The side walls are three and one half feet high. 

This house has a cedar roof and celotex sides, painted white; 
the hard pine floor is shellacked. The roof and shutters are painted 
Colonial Green. 

The price includes the small picket fence, window boxes, two 
bird houses. The house has a small false chimney. 

Price $75.00 


Play House No. 138. Price $135.00 

1108 Common wealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fijtb Avenue, New York City 

Play Boats 

This boat is made of clear cedar, put together 
with galvanized hardware, and well painted. It 
is light in weight and easily handled, yet durable. 

Size about 2 x 6 ft., price including paddle. $12. 

Pump or Tool House. Size 6 x6ft. x 8 ft. high 
It has 1 window. Price $80.00 

Pump or 
Tool House 

It is made of Ore- 
gon Pine and Red 
Cedar. Neatly 
painted. Bolted to- 
gether in an hour's 

Utility Shed 

For the storage of 
barrels, bicycles, 
garden tools, etc. 

Made of cedar, 
neatly painted, has a 
hard pine floor. 
Bolted together. 


Play boats 2 x 6 ft. $12.00 

Utility Shed. Size 4 ft. Wide, 6 ft. Long, 5 ft. Hi 
2x6 ft. Price $45.00 

gh. Platform, 


Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

Hip Roof Colonial Garden House 8 x 10 h. (Vista Model) No. 38 

Hodgson Colonial Garden House No. 38 is made in 

a few sections, painted, ready to erect. It includes two 

benches, columns and lattice as shown. The owner puts in 

a simple foundation following the blueprint which we send. 

Price, $150.00 


Florida Chair 

This chair is made to 
stand outside exposure on 
the lawn of porch. It is 
made of extra heavy clear 
cedar and put together 
with galvanized hatd- 
ware and painted two 
coats of the very best 
paints, Colonial green or 
white. Without any doubt 
this is the most comforta- 
ble and durablelawnchair 
made. Under seat of 
chair is a magazine rack. 
Price 1 10.00. Price not 
painted $8.00. 

ri or id a Chair 

Garden Seats 

These seats are made in three sizes: 2, 4 and 6 feet 
long. Being made of cedar insures durability to outside 
exposure. These are well painted either white or 
Colonial green. Prices: 2 ft. seat $8.00 — 4 ft. seat 
$10.00 — 6 ft. seat $12.00. 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Cape Cod Fence 

Made of cedar in any length and with gates. Height 27 inches. Price, including posts 
d fence well painted, white, per lineal foot §1.00 

and tence wen pain 

Fence 36 inches high, per lineal foot 


A ft. Arch and Gate 
Painted Arch $30.00 

Fence 42 inches high, per lineal foot 1,5 ° 

Scalloped Picket Fence, Cedar painted, $1.50 lineal foot 
Made in Sections, Posts 4' above ground 


J 8" Fluted Post Picket Fence, Cedar painted, $1.00 lineal ft. 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

Flower Box and No. 7 Trellis 

Ftbwer Boxes 

Made of cedar and furnished with brackets and painted 

dark green. A 3 ft. box with brackets $2.25 

Or can be made any length at per lineal foot. ... 75c 

Trellis No. 7 

Made of cedar and painted dark green. This one is 1}4 

x 8 ft. and costs $1.50 

Or can be made any width and length at per sq. 
ft r- 15c 

No. 2 Fen Trellis 

No. 2 Fan Trellis stands about 
6 ft. above ground and has a 4 ft. 
spread. Made of heavy cedar 
stock. Painted. 

Price $3.00 

No. 3 Trellis 

No. 3 Trellis stands about 
7 ft. above ground and has 
a spread of 3^ ft. Painted. 

Price $5.00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 



■OinoierV 7 






Cabana No. 4. 16 x 16 ft., porch 8 x 16 ft. Price $710.00 


Cabanas or rather elaborate bath houses are 
today very extensively used at many beaches. 
They go far beyond the ordinary bath house 
of days gone by and are a source of many social 

The outside sheathed walls are painted. 

Price, complete with spear-head awning $710 




This small bath house consists of simply a dress- 
ing room 4x4 feet with a seat. To this can be 
added additional units each 4x4 feet. 

They are made of cedar and neatly painted. 
Hard pine floor. Easily bolted together. 

Price of the first 4 x 4 foot unit $50.00 

4x4 foot units to add to first unit @ $40.00 

Cabana No. 1. Price $90.00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 



This Cabana has two dressing rooms each 
4^2 x 5 ft., with a seat, door and window in 
each room. The partition entirely separates 
the rooms. The porch is V/i x 10 ft. The floor 
is rift Oregon pine. The interior has a water- 
proof fibre lining and the woodwork is stained 
walnut and exterior painted. Price $280.00 





W&. "*'- r J 

?.! • '. • ill... 








Cabana No. 2. Size 8 x 10 ft. 2 Rooms. 
Price $280.00 

Cabana No. 3. 12 x 24 ft. Price $795.00 

CABANA NO. 3 This Cabana contains two dressing rooms with shower 
rooms and a large open lounge, as shown by plan. If shower rooms are not wanted a 
deduction of $30.00 may be taken. The 
shower rooms do not include piping or 

The Cabana is well painted, the interior 
is stained and striped awning is included. 
Price $795.00 

i' 1 12' 





Roott a 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Jiodgson 'Bird Mouses 

mm ■ M M I 

inn lilltfi 

mil n ik 

The bird houses illustrated on this and the following pages are made of red 
cedar, galvanized nailed, are well painted and will last many years. 

There are thousands of these Bird Houses in use throughout the United States 
and they not only offer a great attraction for the birds, but also enhance the 
beauty of your estate. 

The three houses shown on this page and two on page 53 are built especially 
for Martins. 


< — ■ Old Town Meeting House. Size 20 x 28 — 

16 Rooms. Price with 16 ft. Pole. $25.00. Without 

Pole, $22.00 

-<—■ * Colonial Bird House — Price 

Complete, $25.00. 26 x 33 inches — 

28 rooms— 16 ft. Pole — Without 

Pole, $23.00 

Martin Special — Price $18.00. ■— > 

18 x 21 inches — 6 large rooms (for 

pairs) 20 ft. Pole — Price without 

Pole $14.00 

Birds Flock to Them 

"I saw today at a neighbor s t birds flocking to a bird house 
of yours , so I am straightaway ordering one of the same. 
Mrs. E. Brown Baker 
1109 Parkway East, Utica, New York 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

g^__i~; - 

Old Homestead Martin House — 21 x 22 

Inches — 10 Rooms — 16 ft. Pole. Price 

SI 2.00, Without Pole Si 0.00 

Hanging Wren Box — Very At- 
tractive and Loved by the 
Birds. Price $1.50 Without 
Pole — With Pole $2.50 

No. 9 Wren House — 2 Rooms — 10 ft. 
Pole. Price $4.00; Without Pole $3.00 

Tepee Bird Houses — This Little Hanging 
House, Stained Brown and Green, is for either 
Wrens or Bluebirds. Price, either type, $1.00. 


Bungalow Martin House — 6 Rooms — With 

16 ft. Pole. Price $12.00 — Size 24 x 23 

Inches Including Porch/ Without Pole 


Larkin Co., Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. 

"The Bungalow Bird House arrived last week. 
1 thought you would be interested to know that 
before I had Jiuished setting the pole in the ground 
there were a dozen swallows flying around to wake 
an inspection of the house. They seemed to like it 
very much. 

"I get a lot of pleasure out of watching these 
swallows and I now have three houses full of them. 
Not only are they fun to watch but they destroy the 
swarms of bugs of which there are many in this 

J. Crate Larkin 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass, 


730 Fijth Avenue, New York City 









8 J 

■ , ' JEj^E 

r ****^J^H 


Ml 7 


to 11 

■ if 

'M .vj — 

■ 4j 


1 jfl 

8KB s . 

1 < -fl 1 

H ,' 

- *""^ K Tree fioxes 

No. 3 box, 1-inch hole for Wrens and Chickadees. Price $1.50 
each, $15.00 per doz. 

No. 4 box, 1^-inch hole for Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Hairy 
Woodpecker. Price $1.25 each, $12.00 per doz. 

No. 7 box, 2-inch hole for House Finch, Crested Flycatcher, Red- 
headed Woodpecker or Golden Fronted Woodpecker. Price $1.50 
each, $15.00 per doz. 

No. 8 box, 2^C-inch hole for Flickers, Sawwhet Owl or Martin if 
on high pole. Price $1.75 each, $20.00 per doz. 

Trap for Bird Enemies — Price $5.00 

Cats, Squirrels, Weasels, Skunks, etc. 

Automatic, Locks When Closed, Does 

Not Harm Animal 


Robin's Nest 
$1.50 — $15.00 Per Doz. 

No. 6 »> 
For Blue- 
Wrens, Tree 
and Barn 





4 Rooms, 
10 ft. Pole. 
Price $6,00 

Pole, $5,00 

No. 6 Bluebird House 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fijtb Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Bird Feeders 

A few of these feeders scattered around your place will 
attract many birds. 

They are all attractively painted white and slate, except 
the small revolving feeder, which is stained brown and 

Window Feeder 

To be attached to win- 
dow sill, tree, or side of 
the house. Grain tray and 
suet cage. 

Price $1.50 or $15.00 
per Doz. 


Fill the grain compart- 
ment and the food drops 
into the tray as the birds 
eat it. Price $2.50 

Revolving Feed Box with 7 ft. 
Iron Pole. Size 24" x 36" Painted. 
Price $8.00 — Without Pole 
$7.00. Smaller Size 16 x 26 Inches 
vvitha WoodenPole(Stained)$5.00 feeding. Protected fromweather. Price $4 


Winter Haven Feeder ■ — > 

Food supplied through open window. Watch the birds 


Stationary Feeder 

With 7 ft. pole. Size 24 x 24 inches. 
Price $12.00 

1108 Common wealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


Poultry and Pet Stock Houses 

All of our Poultry and Pet Stock Houses are con- 
structed in completed, painted sections of Washing- 
ton Red Cedar. 

This Cedar not only prolongs the life of the build- 
ing for many years, but is also vermin-proof and 
easily kept clean. 

The buildings can be moved easily at any time, 
can be taken apart and stored if desired without 
creating damage of any kind. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Uses Many Hodgson Pet Stock Houses 

"I am -pleased to advise that I have found your houses for 
poultry, peacocks, grouse, etc., very satisfactory." 

Louis Calder, 
30 Rockefeller Plata 
New York, N. Y. 


Size 4 x 4 ft. x 5 ft. High. Cage 4 x 6 ft. Capacity, 5 
to 10 Pairs. Pigeon House No. 7. Price $40.00 

Pigeon House No. 1 

This pigeon house, with a flight cage attached, is 
practical for from five to ten pairs of pigeons. We 
furnish nesting room for five pairs, 10 nests, but more 
can be easily added. We also furnish an automatic 
feeder, a water dish, and ample perches. 

Pigeon Nests — We furnish with our pigeon 
houses fibre nests, one called a Master Nest into which 
is placed a filler nest. The Master Nest is durable and 
waterproof. The filler nests are replaced. 

Prices: Master Nests 15f5 each or $1.50 dozen. 
Filler Nests 2 5 £ per dozen. 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

The Colony Coop shown below is fitted with 
a floor and two six ft. roosts, giving ample 
room for 40 growing chickens or ducks. They 
are kept in this coop until ready for laying 
quarters. The open netting front is fitted with 
canvas covers. Made of red cedar with a corru- 
gated red cedar roof, neatly painted or stained. 
A 6 x 8 ft. Yard with hinged top for the large 
coop, $10.00, or one 3 x 8 ft. for the small coop, 
$8.00. These houses are also used for many 
kinds of pet stock. 

Colony Coops — Made of Cedar and Well 
^ Painted. Size 3 x 6 ft. 40 Chicks. Price 
^ $18.00. Size 3x3 ft. 20 Chicks. Price $13.50 

Pet Stock House — For Chickens, Rabbits, 
Guinea Pigs, Small Dogs, Cats, etc. Made 
of Cedar and Well Painted. House with 
Extended Yard and Shelter. Price Complete, 

This Pet Stqck House is made in three 
parts, the house with a two-foot yard, 
an extended yard four feet long that is 
detachable, and a shelter board for pro- 
tection from sun and storms. Price of 
house, $5.00. Extended Yard, $3.00; 
Shelter Board, $1.00; Total, $9.00. Size 
about 2x8 feet. 

Wire bottom for yard when used for 
rabbits, $1.50. 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass, 


730 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

Colony Laying House No. 2 

This No. 2 Poultry house shown below is large enough 
for eight hens and they will lay well kept in confinement, 
especially during the winter. It is very convenient to care 
for, and has several very attractive features. The roof is 
hinged to open, giving access to the interior. It is made of 
cedar, in sections, is well painted or stained and can be 
bolted together in a few minutes by anyone. It is warm, 
well lighted and ventilated. 

Colony Laying House No. 0. Capacity 12 Hens 
Made of Cedar. Price $33.00 

Colony Laying House No. 

This complete No. laying house for twelve hens has 
an upper laying and roosting room, and a lower scratch- 
ing shed and yard. It is complete with nests, roosts, water 
dish, feeder; in fact everything ready for the hens. It is 
neatly painted or stained and can be key bolted together 
in a few minutes by anyone. Size including yard — 4 x 10 
ft. x 5 ft. high. Weight 250 lbs. 

For a detachable metal top and with celoglass sides to 
storm proof yard, add $12.00. 


Colony Laying House No. 2. Size 4 x6 ft. For 8 Hens. Price 
$25.00. A 6 x 8 ft. Wire Covered Yard, $1 1.00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


After Twenty Years' Use 

" *"> »'«tre, „f mor j, ,„.:,,„,■ , . 38 Lake St., Nutley, N. J. 

Arn« «M* rf« «£ fc^ XrS „£ / ?*"» ^-""« *&»«■ jfe, «/«, 

»'«*">» *» « '% «.» £ipXZ £'■•" w *• * •" ^"''^ ^ 



730 ggg Avenue, New Yoriatv 

-Caying Jiouse JVo. 5 

Made of Cedar in Units or Pens 
8 x 6 ft. Each 
C^rSecdouI Poultry houses are made mostly of 

outside. The open front is protected byacelodass 
shutter. The interior is fitted with wLrtoull 

and nests, which are detachable, so that they are 
eas.Iy kept clean, or removed, if you S^ 
operate a brooder inside 7 t0 

PI ™Sx 30 ft. No. 5 house with 5 pens, each 

8 x 6 ft. 


Sx 6 ft. House (1 pen) Vinson 

8x12 ft. House (2 pens) »"»•?? 

8x18 ft. House (3 pens). ... " if2"22 

x 24 ft. House (4 pens) .^ gJS 

8 x 30 ft. House (5 pens) 34g 0Q 

Capacity 12 hens per pen 

Woofan Floors $10.00 per unit extra 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Laying House No. 6 

This new design of sectional poultry 
house is made .of enduring vermin- 
proof cedar, treated with a disinfectant 
stain inside, painted three coats outside. 

Being made in sections, it can be 
ordered in as many units as required, 
and additional units can be added as 

The long back roof slopes down to a 

Laying House No. 6. 2 Units, 10x12 ft. Size of Each Unit 6 ft. Wide by 
10 It. Deep. 15 Hens per Unit. Price $185.00 

four foot back wall, thus affording a warm location for the 
roosts. The front is equipped with a celoglass frame, swing- 
ing in, a wire frame outside. This celoglass lets in ultra 
violet,, rays, affords plenty of light, is non-breakable and 
makes a warm house at night. The house comes completely 

equipped with mash 
hopper, water pan, 
nest boxes, roosts and 
plank bench in feed 



10 x 6 ft. House (1 pen) §1 15.00 

lOx 12ft. House(2pens) 185.00 

10 x 18ft. House (3 pens) 255.00 

Each additional 6 ft. pen 70.00 

If one front section with transom 
window is wanted to form feed room, 
including plank bench (this to be sub- 
stituted in place of regular poultry house 
front and equipment) there is no charge 
Wooden floors, extra per unit. . .$12.00 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


Hodgson Stables 

730 Fiftf, Avenue, New York Oty 

Adopting the latest trend towards small Sr,U , *> LU -DLeS 

The inside of these S f ,ki 
sheathed while rLI ■ leS ls wood 

Thepnces of these Stables are as £oIIo„ s . 

12 ft 

18 ft. Three Unit Stable — $689, 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Netv York City 

Hodgson Sectional Greenhouses 

These Greenhouses are made of red cedar. The exterior 
woodwork is painted white sides with a slate green on the 
roof of the Heater Room. The interior woodwork receives 
one coat of aluminum paint. The Greenhouses are made in 
sections, so that they are easily erected and easily added to. 

No wooden floor is supplied as a cement, brick or dirt 
floor is much more practical. Bricks simply laid in sand make 

an excellent floor. Plant benches as shown by plans are sup- 
plied; also a plank board walk between benches. 

We show below sketches of the various sizes of heater and 
potting rooms which we supply, with their prices. We also 
give prices below of the first glass units and of additional 
glass units. Any number of glass units may be added to any 
of the heating and potting rooms. 

8 x 8 ft. Heating Room 
Price $120.00 

12 x 12 it. Heating Room including 

valley roof porch and 2 gable to 

gable connections. Price $443.00 

10 x 10 ft. Heating Room including flat 
roof porch and 2 gable to gable con- 
nections. Price $315.00 

First Unit, when used with any stock Heater Room, or 

added to other building Price $150.00 

This includes one open end and one glass end. 

Glass for above 3 5.00 


Additional Units to be added to the first glass Unit. 

Price, each § 1 10.00 

These units do not haveends, but do have one frame partition. 

Glass for above 25 .00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Greenhouse Heating 

Our Greenhouses are heated by automatically controlled, 
coal fired hot water heaters. They are connected to four 
lines of pipes, that are installed under the benches, and make 
a complete circuit of the greenhouse. 

The heaters are equipped with an expansion tank, so 
that they do not have to be connected to any outside water 
supply; simply fill the line and tank, and it should not have 
to be touched for a season. 

Listed below are three stock greenhouse heaters. The 
No. 512 is suitable for heating one or two glass units; the 
No. 514, three to four glass Units; and the No. 516, four 
to six glass Units. 

Heater No. 512 

Heater, complete with all 
controls, partly assembled and 
ready to connect to Heating 
Pipes $63.00 

Heater No. 514 

Heater complete with all 
controls, partly assembled and 
ready to connect to Heating 
Pipes $80.00 

Heater No. 516 

Heater complete with all 
controls, partly assembled and 
ready to connect to Heating 
Pipes $110.00 

Heating pipes for first units of greenhouse $88.00 Heating pipes for each additional Unit $21.00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Greenhouse Unit 

This picture shows a complete glass unit, 
having a door at one end. Such units are 
used when they are placed near some build- 
ing from which they receive their source 
of heat. 

To this unit can be added a second unit of 
the same size for $ 1 1 0.00, plus glass $25.00. 

Hodgson Greenhouse — One Glass Unit. Price without glass $185.00. 
Extra for glass $40.00 

The picture showing the greenhouse in 
the snow was taken on a zero morning out- 
side, with a temperature of 60 degrees in- 
side. One of these greenhouses will start 
thousands of early plants to be set out after 
the frost is gone. The operating of our 
heating plant is very simple. 


6 e. n c q 



6" « lo'-S" 


6 t n c h 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Alass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

One Unit Greenhouse with Heater Room 

This picture and plan show a greenhouse of one glass unit and a heater room. To this can be added 
more glass units. The heater room is better shown on pages 62 and 63- 

Our hot water heater which bums coal and is automatically regulated, is very simple and easy to operate, 
consuming but little coal. 


"In anticipation of the arrival of office, green- 
house, and bedroom, we erected a cellar for the build- 
ing and upon its arrival it was erected and ready for 
occupancy within two days, by two carpenters and 
a helper. 

"This group has proven very satisfactory, and 
it is attracting much alien/ ion from visitors to 
G/yn- F Vood Farm ." 

George E. Glines 

Franklin, Pa. 

Hodgson Greenhouse — One Glass Unit and Heater Room 

Price without glass ... .$270.00 Extra for glass $35.00 

Price of No. 512 Heater, with all necessary pipes cut to fit 151.00 

Price of Galv. chimney and smoke pipe installed 15.00 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Netv York City 

Two Units and Heater Room. 

Hodgson Greenhouse — Tv/o Glass Units and Heater Room 

A Great Pleasure 

"Answering your letter of the 7 th, I advise you that my 
greenhouse has proved in every possible ivay satisfactory , and I 
have had a great deal of pleasure out of it. ' ' 

Francis Biddle — Barnes, Biddle i? Myers 
— Morris Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Price without glass $380.00 

Extra for glass 60.00 

Price of 512 Heater, with all 

necessary pipes, cut to fit. . 172.00 

Price of Galv. chimney and 

smoke pipe installed 15.00 

Our No. 512 heater will easily heat 
these two units, but if you intend 
to add more units later we would 
recommend the use of our larger heater, 
which will heat up to four glass units. 
This would eliminate the expense of 
changing the heater should you en- 
large the greenhouse. The larger heater 
would add §17.00 to the price of 
$172.00 quoted above. 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Two Unit Greenhouse with W x 70 ft. Potting or Hester Room 

MH j ,;„"„ J (j£{ 

/* Pojyir|G Rooh p / 



Grows Many Plants 

"The greenhouse has not only pro red entirely satisfactory but is a prodigy of 
efficiency. All the flowers we can possibly use at Anchorhold and Friars Wood — 
many of our vegetables, and a great quantity to give away — are successfully 
started there. And it takes care of the rarer plants through the wintet . It is hard 
to belie re that so very much can come out of such a small greenhouse." 

L. Borden (Mrs. Gerald Borden) 
"Anchorhold '," Bar Harbor, Me. 

The greenhouse, illustrated above, is made of two first unit greenhouses 
and one of our Id x 10 ft. Heater Rooms. Below we have quoted on the 
No. 514 Heater. The smaller heater could heat these two units, but with 
this larger, higher potting room, we strongly recommend this larger 
heating plant. It also gives opportunity of extending one more unit at 
each end", without the necessity of replacing the heater. 

Price of Greenhouse above without glass $615.00 

Extra for glass 70.00 

No. 514 Heater, with all necessary pipes cut to fit 256.00 

Galvanized Iron Chimney 1 5.00 


Major Bowes' Hodgson Greenhouse 
at Ossining, New York 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

4 Unit Greenhouse with 12 x 12 ft. Heating Room (Price Page 69) 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

I ffausi.-0'xeiitr A Orrict.- J/eatec 
I — J . L /Teal. Cloow\ 

l — — j |[:„._— . ■■ <* « -«■ 

\ (iEELH Hoost -d'l£J'-«-j 

Illustrated on the opposite page, plan above, is one of our four 
Unit Greenhouses with our 12 x 12 ft. Heating Room in the center. 
With this type of building, as well as that with the 10 x 10 ft. 
Heating Room, one may have greenhouse units on one side only. 

Kennels or Poultry house Units may 
be substituted for the other side. 
Price, as illustrated, without 

glass $963.00 

Extra for glass 120.00 

No. 516 Heater with all neces- 
sary pipes, cut to fit $328.00 

Galvanized Iron Chimney 15.00 

Office 12' x 12' and 
6 Kennel Pens 

"The kennel (No. 4) has proven most 
satisfactory, and I can say that I would 
gladly recommend your kennels to anyone 
who is interested. 

Wm. P. Palmer, Jr. 
101 Guardian Building, Cleveland, Ohio 

Used off a kitchen, as a 

Fertilizer Bins, made to set under the bench in 
the Heater Room. 3 bushel size, $4.00; \% 
bushel size, $3.00; Rot-Proof Treated Flats 
9 x 12 x 3 inches including glass cover, 50^. 

Hot bed with a heavy pine plank frame and a glazed 
sash. Painted gray. Size 3 x SW ft. Price $12.00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

No. 1 Kennel with Partition $22.00 — No. 2 Kennel with Partition 
$30.00. Outside dimensions same as given under other picture. Inside 
chamber of No. 7 is 28 x 28 in. and No. 2 is 38 x 38 in. Made of Cedar 


Hodgson Kennels 

These kennels are made with and without 
partitions. They have a correct ventilating sys- 
tem and are made of enduring, sanitary cedar 
sides and roof, and hard pine floors. 

The interior is shellacked, exterior painted 
white with a green roof, or sides oiled (natural 
cedar) with roof stained green. The floors and 
roofs are detachable for cleaning. 

Kennel No. 
Kennel No. 1 
Kennel No. 2 

2 x 2Y 2 ft. $18.00 
2Vq x 4 ft. 20.00 
3Y 2 x 5 ft. 27.50 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

English Kennel No. I. Price $15.00 

English Kennel 


"In my last order, I 

included an item of one 

No. 1 English Kennel, 

2% x 4 ft., at a cost of 

$15.00. This kennel is 

quite satisfactory, so I 

wish to order four more 

of these. Also include 

two Florida Chairs." 

A. W. Armour 

Made of fir plywood, turned corner posts, 
stained walnut, with Kapok Mattress. No. 
1, 18 x 24 in., $6.50. No. 2, 24 x 30 in., 
$10.00. No. 3, 30 x 40 in., $15.00. 

A neatly made kennel of cedar, with sides in natural 
wood, oiled, and roof stained a moss green. 

The're is a partition, giving extra protection to the 
main room. The roof is hinged to open. 

No. 1 Kennel is 2^ x 4 ft., Price $15.00 

No. 2 Kennel is 3V 2 x 5 ft., Price 20.00 

No. Kennel and Yard »> 

Yard with a wire top to open 3 x 8 ft. and 2}i ft. high. 
Kennel $18.00. Yard $10.00. Stained brown. 


No. Kennel with 3 x 8 ft. Yard 


1108 Commonwealth Ave,, Boston, Mass. 


7 BO Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Kennel Yard made of strong kennel netting — 12 Feet Square and 5 Feet High. 
Price $28.80. Special sizes at 60c per lineal foot. Stained Walnut Brown 

Cedar Kennel Bedding 

A crinkly excelsior of Washington Red Cedar. Bag 
contains approximately two Barrels. 

Price, per bag $1.75 

Six or more bags 1,50 each 

A little Hodgson Kennel 
on an Arizona Desert. 



This Whelping 
Pen is made of 
cedar, insuring san- 
itation and durabil- 
ity. The base allows 
a Iree circulation of 
air under the floor, 
insuring a dry floor. 
The base is detach- 
able, as shown by 
the drawing. Size 
of pen 3 ft. long, 2 
ft. wide, 2 ft. high. 
Price $8.00 

Whelping Pen 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Unit Kennels No. 4 and No. 5 

Sun Exercise Rooms are ex- 
tremely popular with our Ken- 
nels. They are made up from 
one or two of our greenhouse 
units, without plant benches. 

Hodgson Kennel in Williamstown, Mass. 


A stock No. 4 Kennel, with an 

office, and five plan B Kennel 


Hodgson Kennel in Fairfield, Conn., illustrating the 

use of our greenhouse either for growing plants or 

as an exercise room. 

Tulgey Wood Kennels, Hinsdale, Illinois. 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

Hodgson Unit Kennels 

A Hodgson Kennel at Riverhead, L. I., N. Y. Price $5,270.00 

This special kennel is made up of our 12 ft. and 18 
ft. wide house units, with the double wall construc- 
tion, sheathing and celotex being used on the interior. 
(See plan on opposite pup^) 

There is a ceiling over the entire building. The hard 
pine floors are double boarded. 

This Kennel contains almost every conceivable idea 
that can be created for the care and comfort of dogs. 

Any one, or all, of the details shown in the plan may 
be incorporated in anv of our Kennels and we should 
be pleased to send you plans and estimates worked 
up to your own ideas. 

The house is proving satisfactory in every way and exceptionally easy on 
oil for heating. W. O. Penney 

Riverhead, Long Island, N. Y. 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York City 

'" I 

Rear view of kennel on opposite page. Notice greenhouse unit for sun exercising pen 

Details of No. 4 and No. 5 Unit Kennels 

These kennels are made up of kennel units and other 
units for use as office, heater room, conditioning room, 
feed room, etc. They are made up in almost any com- 
bination of kennel pens desired and can be added to at 

any time. Glass units for exercising the dogs are extensively used and 
are very desirable. 

The Exterior of these kennels is covered with red cedar siding, 
painted white on the sides and slate green on the roof. Cedar is ex- 
tremely durable and sanitary and should last a lifetime. 

The Interior is made of cedar and Oregon pine with a hard pine 
floor. If a cement floor is wanted, an allowance is made for the wooden 
floor. The floor is shellacked, the other woodwork is stained walnut. 
Partitions and gates are made of sheathing up about 4 ft. with 2 to 3 
ft. of kennel netting above. The dog bench or bed is made of cedar 
and elevated from the floor. It is detachable for cleaning. 

Each kennel pen as shown by plans has a window, a gate, and a 
dog door. This latter is controlled by a cord to open from the hallway. 
Outside kennel yards are supplied at extra cost. 



1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. E. F. HODGSON CO. 

730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

One Unit, Plan B Kennel. Price, $250.00 






>?• %C'-t>" 

The Kennel illus- 
trated above is one 
of the group of 
Hodgson Kennels 
owned by the Tul- 
gey Wood Kennels, 
of Hinsdale, 111. 

No. 5 Kennel Plan B 

No. 5 Kennel Plan A 


No. 5 Unit Kennels 

Our No. 5 Kennels are made up of 
10 x 10 foot Units and are nine feet 
high. They are completely furnished 
with partitions, benches, gates, etc. 
as shown by the plans and figured 
as follows: 

First 10 x 10 ft. Unit, Plan A . $265.00 
Additional 10 x 10 ft. Units, 

Plan A 210.00 

First 10 x 10 ft. Unit, Plan B .250.00 
Additional 10 x 10 ft. Units, 

Plan B 200.00 

10 x 10 Office, when added to 

any of the above Units. . . . 160.00 
Kennel Yard, made of Oregon 
Pine frame stained brown and 
covered with strong kennel 
wire, with one gate per pen, 
as shown on page 77, per 
running foot 60fi 

1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Netv York City 

No. 5 Kennel— 3 Units 

The kennel illustrated, plan below, 
consists of one plan "A" Unit, one 
plan "B" Unit and the office unit. The 
use of an office is invaluable as a feed 
room, wash or conditioning room, etc. 
as well as a place to show the dogs off. 
It also makes a convenient location for 
a heater, if building is to be heated. 

Price, as illustrated $62 5.00 

Kennel Yards are extra 

Three-Unit No. 5 Kennel located at our Dover, 
Mass. Exhibit »— > 

AbSA<VE- - VfX \OV 


f r re c 
IP' x !<?• 

The above Kennel, as well as one of the No. 4 Kennels, small individ- 
ual kennels and all dog accessories are shown at our Dover, Mass. 

We sincerely believe it will pay anyone interested in dogs, to inspect 
this large and complete Exhibit. 

"Tarr along Kennels' 

"The Kennel building you furnished for me has proved very satisfactory and should we add to it as we sometimes contemplate 
j ;| we surely will communicate with you. 

c. "My daughter is breeding and showing Sussex Spaniels under the name of Tarraloug Kennels and will be glad to recommend 

"**^ '1 your building." 

iji Frederick F. Brewster, 

.»-* »3 

Durham, Conn. 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, Netv York City 

No. 4 Unit Kennel 

The No. 4 Kennel, illustrated at left, plan 
below, contains a combination of every unit 
used in constructing these Kennels. It is an ex- 
tremely practical kennel as planned, and more 
kennel units of either type can easily be added. 
Price $1,022.00 

Hodgson No. 4 Kennel, at our Dover Exhibit 

Itemized List 
Below is listed the various units necessary in planning 
our No. 4 Kennels. (See plans page 79.) 
12 x 12 ft. Office $334.00 

Each 6 x 12 ft. Addi- 
tional Unit, Plan A. . 180.00 

Each 6 x 12 ft. Addi- 
tional Unit, Plan B. . . 160.00 

If no office is wanted add 
to either Plan Aor Plan 
13 prices (for ends) . , . 100.00 

One Unit, 8' x 10' 9" 
Sun Room attached, 
including glass 173-00 

Two Unit, 8' x 21' 6" 
Sun Room attached, 
including glass 298.00 

Kennel Porch, 4 x 12, 

as shown above 175.00 

Prices include all partitions, 
benches, etc. Description on 
Page 75. 


E««.ctsE Roo*»\ CoasiooR. 

' \ 


12' » 12' 



■■ ^ bn il r w-B 


n fl a fl 

Two Sun Room Units attached to Kennel 

1108 Commonwealth Ave,, Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, New York City 

No. 4 Kennel with 12x12 ft. office and ten 6x12 ft. Units which can be made into Plan A or B as per plans below 

See details on page 75 

w T F ICL. 
C2' s 12' 

No. 4 Kennel 

This kennel is made in 6 x 12 ft. Units. As many Units as de- 
sired can be purchased, and more added at anv time. We show two 
arrangements of kennel pens; Plan A having a central corridor 
with pens on each side (2 pens to a 6 x 12 ft. Unit); Plan B with a 
rear corridor with one pen to each 6 x 12 ft. Unit. 

No, 4 Kennel Plan A with two kennel pens to each 6x12 ft. 
Unit. Price $1,234.00 

Tutgey Wood Kennels 

"Your buildings have been much admired by the many visitors that 
we have had. They lend themselves very well to cleanliness which we 
consider essential. 

Erwin O. Freund, Hinsdale, Illinois 
See Picture on Page 73 

No. 4 Kennel Plan B with one kennel pen to each 6 x 12 ft. 
Unit. Price $1,134.00 


1108 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


730 Fifth Avenue, t w >ti Cu 

John G. Bates, Owner 

"7/ gives me great pleasure to 
write you and lei you know that 
the large kennel and the cottage 
which I bought from you years ago 
have given me complete satisfaction. 

"They have withstood all weather 
changes and are in practically the 
same condition now as when erected." 

John* G. Bates, 
James St., Morristown, New Jersey 

This Kennel, made up r stock 

Plan B No. 4 kennel Units with ofhe- 
has in addition, a separate heatet 
room, feed room, storage, etc. The 
plan below shows how this kennel is 
arranged. It is well laid out, entirely 
self-contained, and it is unnecessary 
to have separate buildings for mater- 
nity ward, office, etc. 
When planning a kennel, let us know 
your requirements and we will work 
in any special features that you may 
"Tarralong Kennels" have in mind. 

Price of this Kennel, $2865. If double walls are desired, add $56l. Add for wide Colonial Siding $160. 





"I have used Hodgson Houses extensively both on my places in Mary- 
land and in Florida. This is to say that I am enthusiastic about them in 
every particular. For any person who cares to erect a good looking, de- 
sirable, durable, and in every sense of the word, serviceable building, in 
the most reasonable ivay, in the least possible time and with the least 
trouble, Hodgson houses are the solution. The service guaranteed by the 
company is absolutely as represented. It is excellent, courteous, and effi- 
cient in every respect. I am more than enthusiastic about Hodgson." 

Hervbv Allen. 



"You bet your life we can send you a picture of our Florida studio 
which we purchased in 1934. 

"It is satisfactory in every possible way. In fact, we had a young hur- 
ricane in our yard a couple of years ago that pretty nearly ruined the 
place but it did not even joggle the little Hodgson house. I cannot say 
enough for /hew, 

W. T. Grant. 


We like our Cabana very much. It has taken its place in our land- 
scape and does not at all interfere with the atmosphere surrounding the 
main house, which is 160 years old. 

"The greenhouse is fine also. We enjoy it so much and already have 
plenty of plants for the house, cuttings are beginning to grow, and we 
have carnations and stock as well. 
"I can send you snapshots later." 

Faith Baldwin, 



"Your greenhouse has proved satisfactory indeed." 

Major Edward Bowes. 


' 'It is with pleasure that I say my Hodgson house is an addition to my 
property and is a most enjoyable small home. We find that it lives up to 
its reputation." 

Lanny Ross. 


"The Hodgson Cottage I now have has been in use for the past three 
or four years, and has given me excellent satisfaction and comfort." 

Evangeline Booth.